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Yoshi! [userpic]
Assignments 6 and 7
by Yoshi! (iknowthyself)
at February 25th, 2009 (12:24 pm)

Here are the assignments for the Myth we will study:

Read the myth about Dionysus and answer 1-10 of the review questions. 2 points per, 20 points possible. Due Mar 4, 2009.

Complete review questions 11-20. 2 points per, 20 points possible. Due Mar 4, 2009.
Extra Credit Complete review questions 21-25. 2 points per, 10 points possible. Due Mar 4, 2009

The Chapter Test review will be posted on the testing site. It will have 25 random questions from a question bank of about 100. The chapter test will have 50 questions on it, so there is a chance that you may get completely different questions from the review. Most of the questions have been taken from the lesson reviews, so study those and good luck! All assignments for this chapter will be due on Mar 4, 2009. The lesson on Cronus will be skipped this term.


Posted by: Rena (elyxer)
Posted at: March 4th, 2009 03:12 pm (UTC)
Assignment 6, 7 and Extra Credit
Rena Slytherin

Lesson 6

1. He taught men to cultivate vines and the mysteries of his occult.
2. He met pirates.
3. They perceived him as a rich man, possibly a king's son who would bring a high ransom.
4. The ropes wouldn't hold him and fell apart anywhere they touched him.
5. The helmsman realized he was a God.
6. He said they should free Dionysus and beg his forgiveness.
7. Vines held the ship.
8. He became a Lion and chased the crew.
9. The crew turned into dolphins when they jumped overboard.
10. He showed mercy to the helmsman.

Lesson 7

11. King Lycurgus insulted him.
12. First he retreated into the sea but, he returned, overpowered Lycurgus and imprisoned him in a rocky cave.
13. In a rocky cave.
14. He planned to let him reflect and learn from his mistakes.
15. Zeus didn't like Gods being insulted so he blinded then killed Lycurgus.
16. Thebes was ruled by his cousin Pentheus.
17. His cousin.
18. He referred to Dionysus as a cheating sorcerer from Lydia.
19. Teiresias warned Pentheus.
20. He said Dionysus was Semele's child, whom Zeus rescued.

Extra Credit

21. They found that the ropes fell apart, latches fell open, and there they could not imprison Dionysus's followers.
22. Pentheus' Mother and sister followed Dionysus.
23. Pentheus appeared to Dionysus' followers as a mountain lion.
24. His mother was the first to reach him.
25. Pentheus died when his mother ripped his head off and others tore off his limbs.

Rena ~ Slytherin